Fairmont funding secured while investigation continues

Youngsville Borough Council is optimistic that the demolition of the old Fairmont Hotel is close.

Borough Manager Wendy Wilcox told council on Monday that the funding is secured and there “should be some movement on that soon.”

Borough Councilman Rick Brewster said that the Community Foundation of Warren County and the DeFrees Foundation both contributed $25,000 in addition to $4,000 from the Brokenstraw Valley Fund.

“There are additional funds that they (Revitalization of Youngsville) have looked at and generated,” he added, noting that the total is nearly $100,000.

The Revitalization of Youngsville group purchased the building for $20,000 back in March.

Demolition costs were estimated in the area of $65,000.

ROY’s plan for the corner lot is to turn it into a downtown park and community greenspace.

The sentiment regarding the building next to the Fairmont — the burned-out shell of what was Lonnie’s Pizza — was less optimistic.

Borough officials indicate the structure is still under investigation.

“We can’t do anything,” Brewster said, noting that the investigation could take up to a year.

He said the borough taking any action could impact the determination by the insurance company.

“And you can’t do that,” Brewster stressed. “As much as people would like and try to, you can’t do it, until the insurance company releases that mess.”

Solicitor Tim Bevevino confirmed the borough’s lack of options, as well.

A January fire on a Sunday evening broke out on the first floor before spreading to the entire building, prompting the structure to collapse.


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