County looking for more broadband funding

Verizon was recently awarded state funding to expand broadband access to over 1,000 homes in Warren County.

The county is going after more.

Warren County Commissioner Dan Glotz told the Council of Governments this week the county is working on a joint venture with the Northwest Commission to go after BEAD (Broadband Equity Access Deployment) program funding as part of an eight-county region.

Glotz added that officials are currently reviewing the state’s map of underserved/unserved locations.

“I can pretty much guarantee their map is not correct,” he said, noting there is a “certain amount of time to appeal.”

Commissioner Ken Klakamp explained that the Verizon award was for broadband only.

“It has nothing to do with phone service,” he said. “We’ve been getting some calls from people who were upset that the county signed an agreement” for the county to do phone service.


Klakamp said the last report from the contractor indicated that 61 percent of the county has been assessed with 240 property owners declining to permit assessors on their property.

Glotz said that the work hasn’t been started on the commercial side but said the process is “ahead of schedule because we had such a mild winter.”

He said that assessors are leaving cards on doors asking for details about individual homes.

“It’s important to fill out those cards so they have accurate information,” he added.

What happens when a person refuses?

“I don’t think (assessors) are arguing with the individual,” Klakamp said.

He said assessors will likely put together an assessment based on aerial photography, which then opens the door for the individual to appeal.


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