Threat, pointing an AR-15 at victim lands man in county jail

A Pleasantville man will spend over six months in the county jail on charges that he threatened to kill and pointed an AR-15 at a victim.

Connor M. Wescoat, 20, was sentenced on charges of terroristic threats and simple assault by Judge Gregory Hammond on Friday morning.

The incident occurred on Feb. 18, 2023.

Wescoat’s attorney, Randall Ricciuti, told the court the victim in this case was a former friend and that the incident “got out of hand” when he punched his friend and pointed a “laser scope” from a rifle on the victim.

“You can’t be doing this,” he appeared to tell his client, “especially with a friend.”

District Attorney Rob Greene said the incident was rooted in jealousy over a girl, saying that Wescoat told the victim to bring his girlfriend home in five minutes or Wescoat would kill him.

Greene said that the two men met on the road when Wescoat proceeded to pull an AR-15 rifle and point it at the victim.

“He’s got an AR-15 judge,” he said. “To me it’s beyond the pale.”

Wescoat apologized and said he is taking responsibility and wants to get help. He specifically apologized to the victim.

“You pointed an AR-15 at the victim,” Judge Gregory Hammond said. “I take no pleasure in sending 20-year-olds to jail, breaking their mother’s heart. Sometimes it’s warranted.”

Hammond sentenced Wescoat to seven months to two years in the county jail, $250 in fees, a no contact/no trespass order with the victim and the victim’s family, 40 hours of community service, anger management classes and to undergo a mental health evaluation and comply with recommendations on a count of simple assault.

Wescoat was also sentenced to one year probation, $250 in fees and submission of a DNA sample on a count of terroristic threats.


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