‘Restraint’ of local officer praised at assault charge sentencing

A Warren man was sentenced to probation for spitting on a police officer and injuring the nurse.

But it was the restraint of local law enforcement that was highlighted during Michael A. Miranda’s sentencing Friday on charges of assault of a law enforcement officer, simple assault and harassment.

Miranda, 23, was of legal drinking age but had “almost no experience with alcohol,” according to his attorney, Grant Travis.

Travis said the incident occurred at a family picnic when Miranda became “extremely inebriated,” ultimately spitting at police and grabbing the finger of a nurse. He added that Miranda hasn’t drank since and has completed treatment.

“He has a felony on his record,” he added, that should be considered part of the punishment.

District Attorney Rob Greene said the officer involved is only asking for drug and alcohol counseling for Miranda.

He said the Commonwealth isn’t seeking jail time “which we typically do when officers are assaulted.

Miranda apologized when given the chance to speak and called the situation “incredibly embarrassing.”

“Every time I viewed the body cam” footage, Hammond said, “it is amazing to me the restraint and professionalism” exhibited by the City of Warren police.

He added that the “community should be proud of local law enforcement, how they address a situation.”

Hammond also said that spitting on an officer would normally mean jail time.

“There are some people that can’t drink,” he said, “and you’re one of them.”

Hammond then sentenced Miranda to three years probation, $625 in fees, 40 hours of community service, six months of SCRAM monitoring and submission of a DNA sample on a count of assault of a law enforcement officer as well as one year probation and 10 hours of community service on a simple assault and a $300 fine on a count of harassment.


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