Noise complaints dominant Conewango Township meeting

CONEWANGO TOWNSHIP — A room full of township residents waited patiently for the April meeting of the Conewango Township Supervisors to begin so they could speak about “noise concerns and the need for an ordinance going forward.”

Due to Monday’s eclipse, the monthly supervisors meeting was moved to Tuesday evening. However, that did not hinder township residents showing up to speak their minds concerning noise complaints. According to residents, a local business owner’s oil well compressor was extremely noisy and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week — “it sounded like someone sitting deep in the woods playing bongos,” one resident said.

According to Conewango Police Chief Jason Peters, “we received under 10 calls during the month of March,” complaining about the loud noise from the compressor.

Residents can breathe easier and hear a bit better now, according to the compressor’s owner TJ Allshouse who told the township supervisors during Tuesday’s meeting the compressor had been repaired.

“There is almost no noise most of the time now, however the noise level depends on differing variables like wind direction,” he said. “The noise level now is 10 times better than what it had been, however that doesn’t mean I am going to stop trying to make it even more quiet — by possibly adding shrubs, fencing or something along those lines.”

Other residents presented the supervisors with materials which showed examples of different municipalities’ sound ordinances in hopes it would help the Conewango Supervisors implement a noise ordinance for the township — in order to avoid any future noise issues which may arise.

All three supervisors, Chair Jeffrey Zariczny, Vice-Chairman Vince Duckett and David Gee agreed that they were “willing to take a look” at the possibility of implementing a noise ordinance for Conewango Township.

“We had an executive meeting on April 3 to discuss personnel issues. We have been up to our ears in other issues so no discussions on a noise ordinance has been able to take place yet,” said Zariczny.


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