Little decided in Tuesday primary election

The headliner has been set for months but the rest of this fall’s General Election ballot came into view in the wake of Tuesday’s primary election.

The only contested races for voters in Warren County were primaries for state-wide elected office and delegates to the two party’s national convention this summer.

While write-in votes won’t be factored in until later this week, President Joe Biden received 86 percent support on Tuesday while presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump took 82.3 percent.

Biden did seven points better state-wide – his 823,02 votes accounted for 93 percent of the total, 823,022 votes – while Trump performed about a percent better on a state-wide basis, 83.46 percent, or 788,034 votes,

It’s been nearly two months since former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley dropped out of the GOP primary but she still received 16 percent in Warren County and 16.5 percent state-wide.

Contested primaries included attorney general for both major parties as well as treasurer and auditor general on the Democratic side.

Dave Sunday took 70 percent of the GOP primary votes – 67 percent in Warren County – to secure the nomination while Eugene DePasquale took 61 percent in Warren County but 35.85 percent state-wide. That state-wide total, though, was enough to win in a five-person field.

Warren County Democrats picked the losing candidate in the primary for auditor general and treasurer.

Malcolm Kenyatta took 64 percent of the vote across the state in the auditor general race, but lost Warren County by about 225 votes.

Ryan Bizzarro doubled up Erin McClelland in the county for the Democratic treasurer nomination but McClelland won the race with a 54 percent total.

Republican incumbent Auditor General Tim DeFoor and Treasurer Stacy Garrity were both unopposed.

In the 65th District of the State House, Kathy Rapp was unopposed in the GOP primary. Erin Willman launched a late write-in campaign and there are over 800 write-ins that won’t be resolved until later in the week.

State Sen. Scott Hutchinson was unopposed in the GOP primary and does not have a Democratic challenger.

There were no substantial challenges in the primaries for a seat in the U.S. Senate as well as in the 15th Congressional District race in the House.

The fall Senate race between Bob Casey (991,968 votes) and Dave McCormick (870,588) stands to be one of the most hotly-contested in the country.

Congressman Glenn Thompson secured the nomination for another term in the House while he will be challenged by Zack Womer.


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