Fishy Fun event reels in participants

Times Observer photo by Daniella Langianese The younger children, who’s patience ran thin waiting for the fish to bite, were invited to the Chapman State Park Pavilion to play games and do crafts with Ranger Emily Hunt.

The Chapman Dam was the reported place to be for the first day of Trout Season, according to participants of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ (DCNR) Fishy Fun event “we are pulling so many trout from these waters, it’s great.”

Lining the banks of the Chapman Dam Reservoir on Saturday, numerous individuals ranging in age from the very young to the elderly, cast their bait into the water in hopes of a fish would bite between 10 a.m. and noon during the Fishy Fun event hosted by the DCNR at Chapman State Park, in Clarendon.

Two men wearing waders and fly fishing from waist deep reported bringing in “seven or eight trout a piece — in just the first 22 minutes.”

Four local men and one child reported bringing in between ten and 12 within the first 20 minutes of casting their lines. Notably, the child beat the men of his group and was first to bring in a trout. Another young man fishing, Jake Lawson, was debating whether or not to leave as the temperature Saturday morning was a chilly 38 degrees.

“I caught two today, I think I will stay another 30 minutes or so — I am kinda freezing,” said Lawson.

Times Observer photo by Daniella Langianese A young gentleman, AJ Harris, proudly displaces a recent catch while his brother, Nate, stands behind him in support. Both boys were at Chapman State Park fishing with their father, Nathan.

“My favorite thing about fishing though is just being on the water and the excitement of catching the fish.”

Lawson’s fishing companion on Saturday, Brady Knupp, said his favorite thing about fishing was “definitely catching the fish — feeling the fight, especially when you catch a bigger one.”

During the fishing event Saturday folks came to fish solo, with friends and also with family, like the Harris family. Saturday morning, while standing thigh deep in the waters of the Chapman Dam, AJ Harris said, “Today I’ve already caught seven, but if you add the seven my brother Nate caught — then all together we’ve caught 14.”

AJ and Nate Harris’ father, Nathan, was the individual who brought his boys to the event on Saturday to enjoy a day of fishing and other activities offered by the DCNR. Nathan Harris stated that his “favorite thing about the time he gets to spend actually fishing with his sons, it’s invaluable family time — and most especially without any mobile devices.”

While the older children and adults enjoyed a quiet morning fishing on the Chapman Dam, the DCNR made available activities to keep younger children interested and occupied. Since Saturday was the opening of trout season, DCNR Representative Emily Hunt provided trout related activities under Pavilion One “with joy” — there was trout trivia, watercolor trout painting, fishing game and more.

For more information about fishing and other outdoor recreational opportunities at Chapman State Park, visit https://www.dcnr.pa.gov/StateParks/FindAPark/ChapmanStatePark/


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