District approves ‘precautionary’ notice to furlough staff

It might be “precautionary,” but the Warren County School District has taken the first step to suspend employees for the 2024-2025 school year for “economic reasons” should the step become necessary.

The state’s school code requires this notice at least 60 days before the district’s final budget is approved.

Superintendent Gary Weber said approving the resolution is required “in case we would have to furlough people.

“The goal is to not get to this point,” Weber said. “That’s the overall goal. I think we’re in pretty good shape to not be (furloughing people) at this point. This is precautionary more than anything.”

The document lays out $2.5 million in staffing reductions – nine individuals who provide “direct instruction to students,” two administrative staff and 12 who don’t provide direct instruction.

The district claims that it “may be forced to reduce staffing” in order to “have any hope of presenting a balanced budget.”

It also details how the proposed suspensions would impact district programming – “increase class sizes, changes in elective programming, reduction of direct services to students, reduction in curriculum resources, limitations on virtual course offerings.”


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