Democrats to hold ‘Soup-er Voter’ event on cusp of primary

Times Observer file photo Malcolm Kenyatta, one of two Democratic primary candidates for auditor general in next week’s primary, will speak to county Democrats at an event on Saturday in Glade Township.

Candidates for regional and state office will speak to county Democrats at what they’re calling a “Soup-er Voter Celebration” this weekend.

The event is sponsored by the Warren County Democratic Committee and will feature a variety of soups, chili and sides. It’s set for Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Glade VFD on Hohman Road.

Speakers at the state-wide level include Malcolm Kenyatta, one of two Democratic primary candidates for auditor general who will participate via Zoom.

On the national level, Clarion County Commissioner Braxton White, who is a candidate as a pledged delegate to the Democratic National Convention while Zach Womer, who is challenging Glenn Thompson in Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional District, will also address attendees.

White will also be representing Eugene DePasquale, one of five Democrats seeking the party’s nomination for attorney general. Campaign staff for Ryan Bizarro, who is running for state treasurer will be on hand in addition to Jim Heckman, Pa. State Democratic Party Northwest Caucus Chair and Kerith Strano Taylor, who unsuccessfully challenged Thompson in both 2014 and 2016.

Locally, Commissioner Dan Glotz will speak as well as Erin Willman, who has announced a write-in campaign for state representative in the 65th District.

Tickets – $25 each – can be reserved online at warrendems.com or at the door.


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