Ben Franklin Technology Partners supports the work of CiviLink

Times Observer photo provided Ben Kaufferlin, Lisa Hagberg are presented a symbolic big check by a representative of Ben Franklin Technology Partners. The funds are meant to help with the innovative work CiviLink is doing to develop a unique Government Management System.

CiviLink — a local company that won the 2023 PA Wilds BIG IDEA Contest — has been presented with a Big Check representing $50,000 from Ben Franklin Technology Partners (BFTP).

The funding will help CiviLink propel the CiviLink idea further forward and aid them along their continued entrepreneurial journey. Founded in 2023 by Ben Kafferlin and Lisa Hagberg, both with roots in Warren County’s local governments, CiviLink is building software for the small local governments — so that they may achieve operational excellence.

“This investment by BFTP is a testament to the company’s vision and the potential digital transformation of local governments across the Commonwealth,” said Kafferlin. “The big check is more than just financial support; it’s a symbol of the progress we’ve made and the faith Ben Franklin Technology Partners has in our mission. This investment is a crucial step that enables us to expand our team and accelerate our development efforts.”

Attendees of the event to present the Big Check enjoyed an opportunity that Tuesday morning to network with fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and supporters. The event provided the opportunity for fellow business owners to connect with one another.

“We recently invested in the incredible team at CiviLink, spearheaded by Commissioner Kafferlin and Hagberg,” stated a representative from BFTP. “Warren is truly a hub of progress, thanks to the collective efforts of the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry and countless others rallying behind the cause of empowering startups and entrepreneurs.”

Back on June 9, 2023, the winners were announced for the PA Wilds $50,000 BIG IDEA Contest — and, as stated previously, CiviLink’s unique idea won.

According to the Ben Franklin Technology Partners, CiviLink’s software is a first-of-its-kind package that “streamlines procedures, maintains legal compliance, enhances operational efficiency for government entities and public sector employees on an intuitive, customizable platform.”

“Our goal is to empower small local governments with tools that were previously out of reach, ensuring they can be efficient and effective without the burdensome costs typically associated with high-quality software solutions,” said Hagberg.

The journey to this point has been filled with challenges and achievements, including the rigorous process of applying for the loan from BFTP. “The application process itself was invaluable,” Hagberg remarked. “It pushed us to refine our business model and sharpen our financial projections, laying a stronger foundation for our future growth.”

Kafferlin also emphasized the broader significance of the support from BFTP: “This isn’t just about funding. It’s about becoming part of a vibrant network of entrepreneurs, advisors and innovators, who are all working towards creating meaningful change. We’re incredibly grateful for this opportunity and excited about what the future holds.”

According to Kafferlin and Hagberg, since the investments, CiviLink has brought on board Doug Kafferlin as head engineer, alongside two part-time senior software developers.

CiviLink’s success and its recent funding serves as a call to action for all entrepreneurs in the region seeking a bit of inspiration or a sign that now is the time.

For more information on CiviLink, visit https://kafferlinstrategies.com/.


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