Indecent assault charges bring prison, offender registration for Warren, Russell men

Two men will spend time behind bars – and face lengthy registration periods as sexual offenders – on charges of indecent assault.

President Judge Maureen Skerda handed down sentence Friday against Ryan Lindell and Gary Koniningisor.

In addition to the indecent assault charges, Lindell, 42, Warren, was also sentenced on a charge of corruption of minors.

Lindell’s attorney, Stephen Seabald, told the court that his client is “very sorry and ashamed for his conduct here.”

He asked for a “high county sentence” which he acknowledged was a “big ask.”

Assistant District Attorney Casey Strickland said the victim was between 12 and 14 years old when the assaults occurred.

The conduct will “affect her longer than any of us can understand,” she said. “She’s asking for him to get help…. That same mercy hasn’t been shown to her.”

“I believe that he’s a predator,” she added, citing that he violated a PFA by liking a TikTok of the victims.

“It’s broken me,” Lindell said, apologizing for his conduct. “I want them to know I do feel horrible. I truly am sorry. I really am.”

Skerda said she appreciated his remorse but explained that crimes like this can be hidden in families for generations.

“People think social media isn’t real. It is,” she said. “These actions weren’t done once.”

Calling him “someone that should know better,” Skerda sentenced him to state prison said Lindell will be required to register as a sexual offender for his lifetime.

A county sentence was handed down against Gary H. Koningisor, 70, Russell.

“He’s been abusing his wife for many, many years,” Strickland said in that case, before detailing the assault he committed against her.

“The victim is terrified of the defendant,” she added.

“I don’t remember doing any of this,” Koningisor said.

His attorney, Bernard Helssley, asked for a sentence of probation.

Skerda found that the conduct “certainly fits” a definition of domestic violence and said the offense comes with a 25 year registration period as a sexual offender.

“The victim impact statement is very telling,” she said.

Even with the blackout Skerda told Koningisor that he is “responsible for your actions at all times.”

He was sentenced to eight months to 16 months incarceration in the county jail with credit for seven days time served in addition to one year probation, submission of a DNA sample, $1,675 in fines and fees, anger management courses, to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation and a no contact/no trespass order against the victim on a count of indecent assault.

Lindell was sentenced to nine to 36 months incarceration state prison on a count of indecent assault in addition to $1,550 in fines and fees, credit for three days time served, submission of a DNA sample, sex offender treatment, three years probation and a no contact with the victim or family on a count of indecent assault.

He was also sentenced to three months to 24 months incarceration on a count of corruption of minors.


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