Registration for hiking challenge to open next week

Photo provided to the Times Observer Registration for the Allegheny Hiking Challenge - or A-100 - is set to open next month for the June event. Here, three 50-milers complete their personal challenge.

If you want to see the length of the Allegheny National Forest and all within 50 hours, the ANF Chapter of the North Country Trail Association has an event for you.

The annual Allegheny Hiking Challenge, or A-100 for short, is set for the weekend of June 7-9.

“The A-100 is not a race, but an individual challenge of stamina, determination and resilience,” organizer Tina Toole said. ” Hikers can choose to traverse 100 miles, 75 miles, 50 miles or 25 miles in a 50 hour time period.”

They aim to create an event that’s accessible.

“This challenge is for anyone, regardless of skill level, who wants to test him or herself against the trail,” Toole said. “Everyone needs to ‘hike their own hike,’ moving at their own pace and resting when necessary.”

Participation in the event requires a degree of self-sufficiency.

“The A-100 is an unsupported hike, thus no first aid or water stations,” Toole said. “Hikers are responsible for supplying their own food, drinks and equipment. It should be noted that cell phone reception is spotty along the length of the trail.”

The North Country Trail – which stretches 4,800 miles from North Dakota to Vermont – cuts about 100 miles through the Allegheny National Forest.

“Hikers will climb over rolling hills and pass through many beautiful hemlock-lined stream valleys,” Toole said.

The direction changes from year to year and the 2024 edition will see participants start at the Pa. Route 346 Willow Bay trailhead na dun travel south. Those covering the 100 miles will see their adventure wrap up at the Pa. Route 66 Trailhead south of Marienville.

Registration opens Friday, March 8 and cost is $80.

More details can be found on the Allegheny 100 Challenge webpage at northcountrytrail.org/a-100/ and those with questions can email anf@northcountrytrail.org.


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