Planners pause cell tower proposal

A plan was pitched to the Warren County Planning Commission on Tuesday that would demolish – and rebuild – a communication tower in Farmington Township on Cemetery Road.

The commission tabled the move and told the developer to come back when their homework is done

According to county officials, the existing 360 foot tower will be demolished and replaced with a 310 foot tower.

Planning Director Michael Lyon said that the project is considered a major land use and requires approval by the Planning Commission.

“We have everything in place,” he said, except for engineering specifications for the new tower. He said the developer is looking for a conditional approval to move ahead.

“It’s really just the old tower is coming to the end of its life,” Ryan Rzuicdlo with The Crossroads Group told the commission. “We need to take down the old one and put up a new one. The old one is good for now (but it’s) going to need to come down in the next few years anyway.”

Commission chair Paul Pascuzzi asked why the commission would consider a conditional approval if the tower could last a couple of years.

“It does have something to do with the timing,” Rzuicdlo said. A conditional approval “really helps move the project a little faster.”

“What if (we) tell you to go back and do your homework and come back with the homework is done?” Pascuzzi asked.

“The tower structurally is still under design,” Rzuicdlo said. “I can guarantee it’s going to meet any requirements that anyone could possibly have (and) support all the antennas it is going to need to support.”

“We usually don’t allow development like this, without all the Is dotted and Ts crossed,” Pascuzzi said. “It doesn’t sit well with me.”

The commission tabled action until all required documentation is provided.


Lyon said that Dunkin’ Donuts proposed development in North Warren is “moving along” and that he had “more discussions with Starbucks this week.”

Lyon said that some amendments needed to be made to the subdivision for the land that would be purchased from Walmart to allow that development occur.


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