Youngsville nurse charged with stealing oxycodone

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office has charged a Youngsville woman in connection with allegations of theft of oxycodone from a Warren nursing home.

Christina C. Drayer, 40, 302 N. Main St. was charged on Friday with four counts of acquiring possession of a controlled substance by misrepresentation, five counts of theft and four counts of endangering the welfare of a care-dependent person.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Drayer was working as a nurse at Kinzua Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center on Water St.

The charges come in the wake of a 10-month investigation and date to conduct alleged in 2021.

Investigators say that a “regulatory controlled substance review” was conducted at the facility in March 2022 and there was a report of “mishandled, stolen and diverted controlled substances.”

“The incident involved a previous employee who was suspected of stealing oxycodone medications,” the affidavit alleges. “The stolen oxycodone medications were reported to have been stored in blister pack type cards and were found to have been removed and replaced with similar resembling medications, such as a fluid drying medication or blood pressure medications.”

Staff told investigators that blister packs for four patients had been tampered with and that “the back of the medication cards had tape affixed to them where the pills were pressed out of the paper foil area.”

The 13-page affidavit goes into extensive detail outlining the scope of the investigation.

Investigators allege that a total of 24 staff were tested for oxycodone around June 2021 and Drayer was the sole employee to test positive and was terminated later that month.

Staff told investigators that Drayer was questioned about that test and denied taking the medication “and stated she would get hives if she took oxycodone.”

She allegedly got back in touch with staff later and told them that she inadvertently took Percocet pills that were intended for her daughter and had been placed in a Tylenol bottle.

Investigators detail attempts to speak with Drayer.

Two interviews were scheduled and investigators allege she did not appear for those.

They eventually contacted her on Dec. 7 in Corry.

“Drayer stated she didn’t take any medications and didn’t want to admit to anything she didn’t do,” investigators detail. “Drayer was advised of the seriousness of this investigation concerning medications and replacement of medications that may have been given to patients while she was a nurse.”

Investigators detail that as the conversation continued Drayer “appeared emotional as if she were beginning to cry” before she “stated she did take a few oxycodone pills for herself.”

She allegedly told investigators that she didn’t hurt any of her patients and took the pills for personal use.

“Drayer stated she didn’t take all the pills that were missing but she did take some,” the affidavit alleged. “Drayer stated she just didn’t want to go back to jail.”

A preliminary hearing set for Feb. 14.


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