Midwinter Fundraiser at the Struthers on Saturday

Photo provided to the Times Observer The Warren Public Library’s Midwinter Fundraiser is moving to its first permanent home - the Struthers Library Theatre - to mark the library’s 150th anniversary. The event is Saturday night.

The Warren Public Library’s Midwinter Fundraiser is set for this Saturday.

And to celebrate its 150th anniversary, the fundraiser will go back to the library’s roots – the Struthers Library Theatre.

Doors open at 6:15 p.m, music will start at 7 p.m. and cake will be served at 9 p.m.

“Dean Wells started the fundraiser back in 2008 on his birthday. He held a party in the theatre’s Library Room and instead of gifts, asked his guests to make a contribution to the library,” Library board member Collette Bonavita explained. “From there, it became an annual event.”

Holding the event at the Theatre is a homage to the library’s founding. The theatre was the library’s first permanent home.

“The evening will consist of each individual/group’s performances, two short videos, a photograph of (the) audience along with other photos of the evening and library history to be put into a time capsule to be opened in 50 years at the library’s 200th birthday,” Bonavita said.

It’s designed to be a fun evening.

But it’s raising funds for an important cause.

“The library’s Midwinter Fundraiser is held yearly and is the only source of funding for the library’s programming,” she explained. “All ages benefit from the library programming through the many events held. Children, teens and adults have programs specifically geared to their age groups.”

Kevin Hunt and Jeff Ewing will serve as master of ceremonies.

“Both are frequently seen in Warren Players and formerly in Festival of the Arts shows,” Barb Crowley said. “Kevin is an elementary teacher at Eisenhower. Jeff is pastor of First Lutheran Church in Warren.”

A total of five musical groups will take the state.

That will include Company Mule – Eric Morelli, Sarah, Elio and Jody Aiello – the bluegrass ide of Company Townes; the rock band Akoostikly Challenged – Steve Caudill, Rick Manelick, Rich Alcorn, Steve McDonald and Russ Brunco; Sixpence – Ellen Paquette on harp and William Russell on guitar; Alyssa Wismar who plays guitar and covers a range of musicians and Wells, who play classic and alt rock in addition to some original music,

Molly Dies’ Dance Express will also bring its competition team to the stage.

To make a reservation, visit the Library, call (814) 723-4650 or email midwintergroup@warrenlibrary.org. Tickets are $35 in advance or $40 at the door.

“As a unique and meaningful gift to the library, for those so inclined, it is suggested a dollar for each year of the library as their birthday gift equaling $150,” Bonavita said.


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