Warren native Sekelsky back on Jeopardy!

Photo courtesy of Jeopardy Productions, Inc. Guest Host Mayim Bialik and Warren native Kit Sekelsky on the stage of Jeopardy! from Sekelsky’s first performance on the show in 2021. Sekelsky was back on the show this month as part of the show’s Second Chance Competition.

It took decades for Warren native Kit Sekelsky to appear on Jeopardy! the first time.

She took full advantage of that opportunity, winning three games and nearly $40,000 in episodes that aired back in June 2021.

It would take about two years to get another crack at it.

Sekelsky, now living in Kent, Ohio, and working as a freelance graphic designer, was back for two episodes that aired earlier this month as part of the Second Chance Competition.

The Second Chance Competition gave champions from the past couple seasons an opportunity to qualify for this season’s Tournament of Champions.

Sekelsky was able to squeak out a quarterfinal win at Final Jeopardy before finishing in second in a semifinal match.

After the Jeopardy round, she was in second place but fell to third, over $7,000 behind the first place contestant, heading into Final Jeopardy.

All three contestants missed the Final Jeopardy question but the other two went all in, leaving Sekelsky’s $5,600 good enough for the win.

A Double Jeopardy question would prove to thwart her chances at a semifinal win in an episode that aired on Nov. 22.

After the Jeopardy round, Sekelsky was in third but hit a Daily Double early in Double Jeopardy.

“I haven’t got to do this yet,” Sekelsky said, “so let’s make it a true Daily Double.”

The clue? “James Church chose this name for his product because the symbols of the God vulcan represented power.”

Sekelsky went “Firestone” while the correct answer was “Arm & Hammer.”

She made it to Final Jeopardy with $2,100 and bet $21, noting that her final total would be a palindrome – $1,221.

She told host and Jeopardy legend Ken Jennings during the first episode what she was hoping to do with her winnings from 2021, explaining that there used to be a charity auction in Kent.

“One of the big ticket items (was a) ride in a famous blimp that I really wanted to use some of my winnings for,” Sekelsky said. “Unfortunately that auction has not come back post pandemic.

“So if anyone out there from Akron would like to accept a charitable donation in exchange for a blimp ride I’m open.”

“That’s a great idea,” Jennings responded. “I would love a blimp ride.”


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