RDA talks Irvine St., Hinkle St. properties

When the owner of a blighted property doesn’t respond, the job of a redevelopment authority gets significantly more challenging.

Such is the case with 206 N. Irvine St. that the City of Warren RDA discussed last week.

Director of Codes and Planning Randy Roddy said the property’s responsible party, Zachary Snodgrass, has not responded to inquiries from city staff.

He told the RDA that the city would be moving ahead with violations against the property in the hope of spurring a response.

The RDA also met with the owner of the property at 7 Hinkle St.

Rossey said that the owner, Ayin Jayne, bought the property out of repository and was not the owner when it was deemed blighted.

“I’m fully committed to supporting the City of Warren’s battle against blight,” Jayne said, “and I’ll do that by cooperating in whatever way you want me to do to abate the conditions I’m made aware of.”

Jayne told the RDA he purchased the property as an investment and wants to make it habitable.

“We want to work with you throughout the process,” RDA member Michael Boyd said. “We’re here to work with you.”

Rossey noted that there will be an opening on the RDA effective at the start of 2024. Anyone interested is asked to contact Rossey or Executive Secretary Teena Leary at the municipal building for more information.


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