Warren County 3rd grade students learn about bus safety

Third grade students in the Warren County School District attended an assembly on school bus safety.

Third-grade students from across the Warren County School District attended an assembly on bus safety this week in recognition of National School Bus Safety Week.

Jilletta Jarvis and Dalton Li presented on behalf of BusPatrol. BusPatrol provide school bus photo enforcement.

The company provides cameras that activate when a school bus stops and extends its stop sign arm to provide photo evidence of traffic violations. The technology is provided at no cost to school district’s and is paid for through revenue from traffic violations.

Students received activity books and were provided information on rules of school bus safety. The students were also shown a video on school bus safety.

The activity books shared tips including:

Photos submitted to the Times Observer Dalton Li and Jilletta Jarvis of BusPatrol present on bus safety to Warren County School District third grade students Monday morning.

¯ check your surroundings before you step off the bus;

¯ look left, right, then left again;

¯ check whether you and the bus driver can see each other;

¯ listening for cars;

¯ give yourself time to get to the bus stop;

¯ never run toward or away from the bus;

¯ stay back when waiting for the bus, don’t stand on the street;

¯ wait until the bus comes to a full stop before approaching; and

¯ using a backpack to avoid dropping things.


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