Hundreds of antlerless permits available through DMAP program

Standard antlerless licenses may have sold out months ago but there are still hundreds available across the Allegheny National Forest through the Deer Management Assistance Program.

There are a litany of DMAP units on the forest – Pennsylvania Game Commission data lists 41 in Warren County – as well as several that are part of the Kinzua Quality Deer Cooperative.

“Hunters can purchase up to two permits per DMAP unit on the ANF or KQDC,” ANF Public Affairs Officer Chrstopher Leeser said. “Permits are available from license-issuing agents or by visiting HuntFishPA.”

The remaining DMAP tags available in the county are on ANF units – 468 tags in unit 4102, 239 in unit 2211, 205 in unit 2824, 25 in unit 2501 and 225 in unit 2637.

A total of 194 tags are available in unit 4464.

The remaining tags available in Warren County are in the following units: 2740 (8), 2744 (2), 2749 (2), 2751 (9), 2752 (2), 2753 (19), 4487 (3), 4963 (5) and 5842 (6).

“Hunters on DMAP properties may hunt antlerless deer in any deer season, using the sporting arm or implement allowed during that season,” Leeser said. “The hunter must have a license for the current season; for example, archery or muzzleloader licenses are required to take antlerless deer with DMAP permits during those seasons.”

The two wildlife management units that make up Warren County – 1B and 2F – sold out of antlerless tags back in July.


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