ACC announces dissolution, will continue under Experience, Inc.

A legal notice has announced the dissolution of the Allegheny Community Center.

Those in charge of operations would like to reassure the public that the dissolution is a formal matter only. The facility, its services, even its name will remain.

“Experience, Inc., the Warren/Forest Area Agency on Aging, has always supported the ACC financially, as well as with staffing, offering meals and other programming since the ACC was created in 2010,” Experience Executive Director Danell Sowers said. “We will continue to do all of those same things. Experience, Inc. will continue to operate the ACC just as it has been operating over the last several years.”

“We have no intention of changing a thing at the ACC,” Sowers said. “There will not be any changes to staff, lunches, or any services and activities we offer.”

The ACC was a merger of the Warren Senior Center — a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with four Warren County senior centers that had been owned and operated by Experience, Sowers said.

The merger had financial benefits and “it was the intention that the ACC would one day be able to be a self-sustaining, independent organization,” she said.

In 2021, the directors concluded that that hope would not come true.

“Unfortunately, the ACC was not ever going to be able to achieve the goal of financial independence from Experience, Inc.,” Sowers said. “The board started the plan to dissolve the organization in October 2021 and it has now become official.”

“These steps that were taken to dissolve the ACC’s own non-profit status were simply done to make the paperwork match the reality of what has been happening on the ground for years,” she said. “We are proud of the ACC and our staff who work tirelessly every day to make it a safe, productive space for older adults and others in our community. We look forward to continuing to serve the community.”

“Any assets the ACC had will be passed on to Experience, Inc.,” she said.


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