Dozen license convictions land Warren man in state prison

A 12th conviction for driving without a license — and troubles in the county jail — has landed a Warren man in state prison.

Brian D. Bean was sentenced Friday by President Judge Maureen Skerda on two driving without a license charges and a litany of traffic offenses.

“I apologize for my actions,” he told the court.

Skerda said it seems he is “today sorry for what happened.”

She said his record shows he has “failed to adjust” to the county jail — he was fired as a kitchen worker because he was suspected to be under the influence; he tested positive for several substances and there was an incident where he threw food.

Bean said that was because the food was too hot and “over-salted.”

“It wasn’t edible,” he said. “No one would come see me.”

Skerda told him that the jail “appears to be not a place you want to be.”

‘I really don’t know, your honor,” he responded.

Skerda said that these convictions bring his total in this category to 12.

“It wouldn’t make sense to continue your time” at the county jail, she said.

Bean was sentenced to six months to 12 months incarceration, $730 in restitution, $2,775 in fines and fees, a 12 month license suspension and 60 hours of community service for driving on a suspended license – DUI related as well as $70 for careless driving, $345 on charges of operating a vehicle without required financial responsibility and accident – damage to unattended vehicle or property. That last charge brought an additional 45 to 90 days behind bars. He was also sentenced to $245 on a count of driving without a license and $95 for abandoning a vehicle on public or private property.

At a second docket, he was sentenced to six to 12 months incarceration, $2,775 in fees and a 12-month license suspension for a DUI-related charge of driving on a suspended license

Skerda ordered that $150 of the restitution will go to an individual while the remaining $580 will be paid to Pittsfield Twp.


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