Warren Vegan Dinner Group to meet October 26th

The Warren Vegan Dinner Group was started to help people who want to eat a vegan or vegetarian diet get some more options.

Don and Kate Reed of Warren, who go beyond vegan to “whole food plant-based” eating, established the group almost a year ago.

They wanted to encourage restaurants to offer more options and to give people who are vegan or vegetarian, or are interested, a way to get together, share information and camaraderie. “This is a casual meet-up with other like-minded people looking for healthy food options in our area,” Don Reed said.

The group has even started attracting folks from outside the county.

Several local restaurants have hosted monthly dinners.

“Chefs have been very creative and willing to prepare three course dinners with a variety of delicious items,” he said.

The group is set to meet for dinner at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 26, at the Conewango Club.

Everyone is welcome, but reservations are required.

Those looking for more information may contact the Reeds at dreed107@verizon.net or (814) 723-4520 or by visiting the Warren Vegans and Vegetarians Facebook page.


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