Therapeutic drum circle takes place at music conservatory

Photo submitted to Times Observer Rich Schuler of Jamestown Thunder Drums leads a free therapeutic drum circle Wednesday evening at the Warren Music Conservatory.

Primeval rhythms were emanating from the Warren Music Conservatory on Wednesday.

The conservatory hosted a therapeutic drum circle, with Rich Schuler of Jamestown Thunder Drums.

“We had 12 people show up,” Conservatory Music Director Joe Glarner said. “It was a huge success.”

“People were having a great time and everyone walked out with a smile,” he said. “Drumming along to the beat and having fun was the name of the game.”

Some people brought their own drums, but experience and even talent were not required.

“Rich does a fantastic job at leading these kinds of therapeutic drum circles,” Glarner said. “It is drumming for the non-drummer – a musically immersive experience that is for anyone, regardless of whether you play any musical instruments at all.”

Rather than making beautiful music, the goal was therapy.

“Music therapeutics are very measurable and hand drumming is an excellent way to help the brain connect to the people and places around oneself,” Glarner said. “There are musical fireworks of neurological activity going off in the brain while doing this activity.”

“One Iraq veteran kept telling me how fun it was and how it made his depression seem to disappear even if only for a little while,” Glarner said. “He was so happy he took the chance and tried it. He promised he would be back.”

“We are planning on doing it again first Wednesday of November,” he said. The 45-minute event will begin at 7:15 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 2.

There is no cost to attend, but donations are accepted.

The conservatory is located at 220 Pennsylvania Ave. W., Warren.


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