Students awarded first place in creative writing contest

The Warren County School District Ridiculous Writers First Place Team members from Warren Area Elementary Center are (front, from left): Allison Kellogg, Russell Hannold, Allyx Hoden, Kaylee Gray, Zane Getner, and Ada Gage; (middle) Liliana Sandagata, Matthew Perry, Audrey Wurst, Aiyanna Nowacki, Talon Mashensic, Catherine Ozepy, and Paiton Jones; and (back) Assistant Principal Kylie Harris, Kaitlyn Salapek, Blake VanArsdale, Sophia Kenworthy, Madison Tidrick , Gabrielle Bigelow, Brooklyn Freehling, Juliette Banuelos, Maelynn Roblee, Principal Jenn Hobbs, and Gifted Support Teacher Rebecca Downey.

Warren County has some ridiculous writers.

A total of 73 Warren County School District elementary students in Gifted Support Teacher Rebecca Downey’s English Language Arts Enrichment classes wrote short, 100-word mini-sagas.

The guidance from Young Writers called for creativity, imagination, and originality — “the sillier the better.”

All they had to do was put a noun — from ghosts to toilets — with an adjective or two — smelly, clumsy, and naughty were popular — and tell a story.

The collected entries from the local students was awarded first place. There were more than 6,500 entries in all.

Photos submitted to Times Observer The Warren County School District Ridiculous Writers First Place Team members who now attend Beaty-Warren Middle School are (front, from left): Lihem Hogg, Caroline Curren, Addison Johnson, Carly Olsen, Nina Woldt, Ashton Carrington, Ellise Wilson, Gavin Chapman, and Caleb Fralick; (middle) Rory McBriar, Trenton Wright, Clayton Hammerbeck, Blake Peterson, Levi Peterson, Lillian Wellner, Colton Hagg, Maeve Miranda, and Kaylinn Wightman; and (back) Gifted Support Teacher Rebecca Downey, Isaac Georgakis, Owen Damcott, Ty Bryan, Chalina Abreu, Sorren Check, Savea Lauffenburger, Gracelyn Rockwell, Delaney Moore, and Laynah Rowland.

The entries by local students who had the appropriate waivers in place were published among hundreds in “Ridiculous Writers — Crazy Creations Anthology.”

The contest was held at the end of the 2021-22 school year and results came back over the summer. Downey is not sure what to do with the “Young Writers Award of Excellence” presented to a program that covers five schools in four attendance areas.

Participating students were in grades three through five when they entered.

Students who attended Sheffield Area Elementary School when they wrote their mini-sagas were: Laelah Mueller, Myles Ettinger, Riley Grubbs, Wyatt Wilkins, Nick Jordan, Anna Dysinger, Gianna Blankenship, Mariessa Mangione, Zella Seither, Lucas Joblon, Nicholas Joblon, Isaiah Cool, Olivia Cressley, Adalyn Ettinger, Emmett Snyder, Neveah Grubbs, Logan DeVault, Caden Grinnell, and Annabel Akers.

Students who were attending Warren Area Elementary Center or Beaty-Warren Middle School included: Aiyanna Nowacki, Gabby Bigelow, Catherine Ozepy, Kaylee Gray, Kaitlyn Salapek, Liliana Sandagata, Ada Gage, Blake VanArsdale, Madison Tidrick, Sophia Kenworthy, Jackson Warner, Audrey Wurst, Talon Mashensic, Juliette Banuelos, Paiton Jones, Maelynn Roblee, Riley Hultman, Russell Hannold, Brooklyn Freehling, Allyx Hoden, Matt Perry, Bristol Fuller, Zane Getner, Allison Kellogg, Gracelyn Rockwell, Colton Hagg, Gavin Chapman, Maeve Miranda, Nina Woldt, Owen Damcott, Carly Olsen, Addison Johnson, Lihem Hogg, Kaylinn Wightman, Ty Bryan, Ellise Wilson, Ashton Carrington, Rory McBriar, Sorren Check, Lillian Wellner, Clayton Hammerbeck, Delayney Moore, Caroline Check, Savea Lauffenburger, Blake Peterson, Isaac Georgakis, Trenton Wright, Caleb Fralick, Laynah Rowland, Damian Taylor, Chalina Abreu, and Levi Peterson.

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry The Warren County School District Ridiculous Writers First Place Team members from Sheffield Area Elementary School and Sheffield Area Middle High School are (front, from left): Caden Grinnell, Logan DeVault, Emmett Snyder, Olivia Cressley, Neveah Grubbs, Mariessa Mangione, and Gianna Blankenship, and (back) Lucas Joblon, Nicholas Joblon, Myles Ettinger, Riley Grubbs, Laelah Mueller, Wyatt Wilkins, Zella Seither, Isaiah Cook, and Gifted Support Teacher Rebecca Downey. Absent from photo were Nick Jordan, Anna Dysinger, Adalyn Ettinger, and Annabel Akers.

Ben Blauser, who was a student at Youngsville Elementary School, and Cailee Williams at Eisenhower Elementary School also entered.

Warren County School District Ridiculous Writers First Place Team members included Ben Blauser of Youngsville Middle High School.

Warren County School District Ridiculous Writers First Place Team members included Cailee Williams of Eisenhower Elementary School

Warren County School District Ridiculous Writers First Place Team members include (from left) Bristol Fuller, Riley Hultman, and Jackson of Warren Area Elementary Center.


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