Local 10-year-old donates items to Humane Society

Submitted photo Ten year old Bentley Saber and her items that she donated to the animals at the Humane Society.

Rather than ask for presents for her birthday this year, Bentley Saber decided to do something different — donate needed items to the Chautauqua County Humane Society.

Saber, 10, is in fifth grade at Sheffield Area Elementary School. Saber’s birthday is July 2 but, because of the Fourth of July holiday, she went to summer camp at Mission Meadows, so the family didn’t celebrate her birthday until the end of July.

Her mother, Kayla Argeny, said her love for animals started at a very young age.

“Her love for animals started when she was very young and she has wanted to be a vet since she was old enough to talk,” Argeny said. “She is an active athlete and participates in Xplosion All star Cheerleading in Falconer. She has a heart that just keeps giving.”

Saber said she was inspired to donate items to the humane society for her birthday by a YouTuber.

Submitted photo Bentley Saber outside of the Chautauqua County Humane Society while she was bringing in the items she donated. She was also given a private tour of the facility.

“I was inspired by this person on YouTube,” Saber said. “I wanted to give different stuff to the animals and help out.”

Saber collected blankets, leashes, collars, dog food and more. Altogether she collected over 100 items, with more to bring into the humane society still. When bringing her items in, the staff at the humane society gave Saber a private tour of the facility.

“We walked in and they took some pictures of me and we saw the animals,” Saber said. “We saw the surgeries and sick animals. There were two different cat rooms with kittens and older cats. I wanted to take home the whole kitten room.”

Saber was also shown the dogs there, including multiple chihuahuas that were recently rescued and brought in. Saber’s family has one dog themselves, a one year old Boxer. Saber and Argeny said that they would do this again.

“She found it very rewarding,” Argeny said. “We will probably do another donation soon. We still have a lot of collars and we will probably do a money donation as well. They provide free dog food there but they have to pay 25 cents per pound to be able to do that so they take in cash donations too.”

Argeny added that the day they visited the Humane Society not only made Saber’s day but the staff’s as well.

“The joy and happiness she saw when she was able to make those animals and staff’s day was amazing, I wish you could have been there,” Argeny said. “The staff at CCHS are fantastic and their personalities you can just tell they love being there. She chose that humane society over the local one here for many reasons, one being how they run it. It’s a no kill shelter and with her love for animals that was the biggest drive. They are also willing to help people adopt pets and work with people.”

Argeny and Saber encouraged anyone to donate to the humane society as well, or to go there to adopt if looking for a “forever friend.” Animals available at the Chautauqua County Humane Society can be seen on their website, www.chqhumane.org


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