City police again meet state standards

Photo provided to the Times Observer City of Warren Police Capt. Jeff Dougherty takes a selfie with a group of students from Beaty-Warren Middle School who won a raffle for lunch with police back in May. Pictures are, from left, Chief Joe Sproveri, raffle-winner Jackson Aipoalani, Hunter Cummings, Wyatt Bjorkquist and Dougherty.

The City of Warren Police Department has again achieved accreditation by the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (PLEAC).

“It’s a huge testament,” Mayor Dave Wortman said, to the “professionalism of our police force.

“The citizens of Warren have a lot to be proud of.”

Police Chief Joe Sproveri said the accreditation runs on a three-year cycle and that evaluators from the Commission will come and review documents and equipment, go on ride alongs with officers and conduct interviews.

“Their job is to make sure (we are) following what they consider the gold standard of law enforcement,” he said.

Photo provided to the Times Observer City of Warren police officers meet with kids during the Fourth of July parade.

Sproveri said there are 120 standards that make up the accreditation process and “correlate with high-liability issues” such as the use of force, property and evidence, handling money and transports. “We have to show two proofs of compliance per each standard.”

He said the PLEAC unanimously voted to affirm the department’s accreditation.

The department’s first accreditation was in 2010 and the department is typically one of few in the region to meet the level of rigor required.

Now there is a higher bar to shoot for.

Sproveri said that – if successful with the 2025 assessment – the department would be eligible for a premier status from the PLEAC.

“Our goal is to immediately start working toward (that) 2025 assessment,” he said. “The community should be proud of the police department.”

“On the street level, (on a) day-to-day basis, you have a lot of respect within the community,” Wortman said to Sproveri.

“(I) think it’s just critical that the police force leads by example and this is another example of that,” Wortman added. “From a professional standpoint, the force is maintaining at the very highest levels.”


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