Rapp: ‘Very happy’ on Roe v. Wade overturn

Politicians and groups have been quick to comment on the U.S. Supreme Court ruling Friday overturning Roe v. Wade.

The ruling means abortion is no longer a constitutional right. Instead, abortion rights will be determined by states until and unless there is action by Congress to set a federal law.

“I am very happy with the decision on Roe,” State Rep. Kathy Rapp said Friday. “It’s definitely a very historic decision. I’m very happy that they reached the decision that they did.”

It was not a surprise decision, especially since the leak of a draft opinion on the issue in May.

“We have a very active Pro-Life Caucus in the General Assembly,” Rapp said. “We will be looking at what we can do, now that we are not nearly as restricted as we were under Roe.”

“We have been talking about when the Supreme Court makes their decision, how we’re going to move,” she said. “We’re always looking at Pro-Life legislation. We’re ready for it.”

She would like to see further action by the state.

“People need to know this did not end abortion,” Rapp said. “We will still have abortions in Pennsylvania” until the General Assembly passes legislation that is not vetoed by the governor.

The current law allows women to have abortion until their 24th week – six months – of pregnancy, she said.

If the state were to enact legislation that “greatly” restricts abortions, Rapp said, “We need to make sure we are more supportive of women.”

“We need to make sure that we will be supporting women and especially young girls that find themselves pregnant,” she said. “Empowering them. Supporting them.”

“There are many of us who would like to see more support for our pregnancy centers,” she said.

Rapp said she expects the Supreme Court decision to drive voting in the general election in the fall.

“We’re facing a huge election for governor in the fall,” she said. “I think the issue will have a huge impact on this election as well.


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