16 city blocks included in 2022 paving effort

A total of 16 city blocks are set to be re-paved this summer as a result of a contract awarded by Warren City Council on Monday night.

Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz said two bids were received for the paving work the city aims to complete this year. The contract award totals nearly $486,000.

Holtz said the work was bid with base and optional work so the “city has the flexibility to direct the contractor” on “how much work the city would like performed.”

He told the council that $410,000 was allocated for paving in 2022; $220,000 of that funding comes from state-awarded liquid fuels funds with the remainder, $190,000, coming from the city’s general fund.

Doing all of the optional work, he explained, would push the liquid fuels account to a balance of $23,674 while the city typically holds a $100,000 reserve in the account. Holtz said that funding can also be used for other things such as street light utilities and trucks.

So he recommended only doing a portion of the optional work, pushing two blocks each on Hill St. and Monroe St. to the 2023 paving project.

The work will take place later in the summer, allowing city crews the time to do needed repairs to street elements like catch basins before the street is paved.

Here’s a look at what city streets will be paved later this year: Allegheny Ave. from Ludlow St. to Lacy St.; Carver St. from Hinkle St. to Cornplanter St.; Center St. from Buchanan St. to Prospect St.; Central Ave. from Lincoln Ave. to the end; Grant St. from Madison Ave. to Lincoln Ave.; Lee St. from Tuscarora Ave. to Cayuga Ave.; Liberty St. from Pennsylvania Ave. to Second Ave.; Rollins St. from Pa. Ave. to the end; Sill St. from Ludlow St. to Wetmore St.; South St. from Madison Ave. to Cornplanter St.; Spring St. from Stone Hill Rd. to Public Way; Wayne St. from Main Ave. to Seneca Ave.; Willoughby Ave. from Homestead Pl. and Edgewood Pl.

The “optional work” will see Fourth Ave. from Beech St. to Chestnut St., Glade Ave. from Nesmith Pl. to Hill St. and Terrace St. from Orchard St. to Lookout St. paved this year, as well.


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