Shapiro talks future of state during campaign stop

Times Observer photo by Josh Cotton Attorney General and gubernatorial hopeful Josh Shapiro was in Warren Friday morning for a campaign stop where he met with local supporters at The Plaza.

There are nine Republicans seeking the GOP nomination for governor in the upcoming primary.

There’s just one Democrat, and he was in Warren County on Friday.

Attorney General and gubernatorial hopeful Josh Shapiro met with supporters at The Plaza as part of a series of what his campaign calls “grassroots campaign events.”

Shapiro has visited the county previously and said he was appreciative of a similar crowd that he met with shortly after he decided to run for attorney general.

“Public service is in my blood,” he said, telling those in attendance that he’s done more listening than talking at these stops.

The goal is “to make sure all communities across our Commonwealth are seen and heard.”

Shapiro then discussed the issues at the forefront of his campaign: education, law enforcement and investment in the economy.

“We’ve gotta invest in our schools (and) our children,” he said, specifically in rural communities.

That includes less of a reliance on standardized tests and “more history, civics, arts and humanities” as well as emphasis on vocation and technological training, he said.

“Let’s help every young person achieve their full potential,” he added.

Shapiro spoke about the importance of investing in law enforcement “to bring police and communities together” as well as to “invest in an economy that lifts everybody up.”

He said that the issue of broadband internet has “got to be job number one.”

Shapiro spoke more generally about the role of state government.

“We are going to make sure Pennsylvanians don’t get screwed,” he said. “We will have a government… that puts people first,” calling that a “clear contrast” to his slate of opponents.

He was specifically critical of Sen. Doug Mastriano and his role in the Jan. 6 “insurrection.”

The Associated Press has reported that Mastriano organized bus trips to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 and said he would be a scheduled speaker on the Capitol steps that day.

“That’s the modern day GOP,” Shapiro said. “I will always stand on the side of democracy…. Our democracy is on the ballot in this governor’s face. You have the power to make the difference.”

Shapiro, citing the two most recent presidential elections, said the outcome of the governor’s race in the fall is likely to be less than 100,000 votes and said an extra 100 or 200 votes in Warren County could make the difference.

“I’ve been here a bunch of times,” he said. “I’ll keep coming back.

Shapiro’s visit brought camera shows from the Showtime production “The Circus,” who shot some footage of the campaign stop.


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