Committee talks healing garden plants

While snow is falling might not seem like the ideal time to discuss laying out gardens, but that’s exactly what the city’s Street Landscape Committee did Tuesday morning.

As the heavy lifting of the renovations and expansion at Crescent Park wrap up, decisions need to start being made about the layout of the healing garden component at the west end of the park.

That was the focus of Tuesday’s discussion.

City Arborist Joe Reinke told the committee that three trees — witchhazel, redbud and dogwood — planted as part of the city’s fall planting are the “first plantings that went in at the healing garden.

Landscape Architect Dave Sobina said there will be a hosta garden, shade garden, butterfly garden as well as a full sun garden with a fountain.

The committee walked through the various kinds and types of plants included in each space.

Funding is still needed to actually do the plantings, though.

“The goal is to get this finished so we can go get some money from people,” Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz said. “Eventually, we have to put it to bed and go sell it….”

“There’s a lot of clusters of plant material,” Sobina said. “It’s a big space.”

He said he has yet to review when everything proposed would bloom and suggested the committee might want to spread out the blooming windows throughout the season.

“This is really intended for people to walk by and enjoy all season,” he said.

“It’s looking good,” Committee chair Josie Gerarde said. “Today I felt more positive than I have so far.

The committee is planning a spring ribbon cutting.

Outside of the plantings, the most visible element of the project not yet completed is the installation of lights along the trail.

Sobina said the shipping date has shifted three times with the current date of shipment set for Christmas. He said the panel box for the pavilion won’t arrive until late February.

“It’s typical right now,” he said, for delivery dates of electronic items to be six to eight to 12 months out.


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