Involuntary manslaughter plea entered in homicide case

A Spring Creek Township man that faced criminal homicide charges has pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

Online court records show that Haggar Brewer, 57, 24110 Cold Spring Road, entered the plea to the misdemeanor charge on Wednesday before President Judge Maureen Skerda.

District Attorney Rob Greene said the plea is the result of taking all the evidence — autopsy reports, interviews with witnesses, interviews with the victim’s daughter — into consideration.

“We believe,” he said, “this was a fair and just plea.”

Greene explained that there was a possible self-defense argument from opposing counsel. While he rejected that notion, he did say that while Brewer’s conduct was “unlawful… it’s not homicide.”

The victim in this case was identified as 57-year-old Victor Vantassel III.

A witness reported that Vantassel was in a verbal altercation that turned physical with Brewer and told police that Brewer “during the physical altercation was on top of Vantassel” and that “Brewer pulled a gun and fired the gun striking Vantassel in the abdomen area.”

While enroute along with EMS personnel, police say Brewer called 911 and that his call was forwarded to the Starbrick PSP barracks. Police say Brewer told them “Somebody attacked me in the yard and I shot him.”

EMS personnel attempted to provide treatment but Vantassel died at the scene.

Court records show that in exchange for the plea charges of criminal homicide, third-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter were withdrawn.

FIrst-degree misdemeanors carry a maximum possible penalty of five years in prison.


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