September COVID cases near 500

After consecutive days this week of over 30 new cases, the data released Thursday and Friday seem to reflect a bit of relief.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health announced 18 new cases of COVID-19 in Warren County on Thursday and 23 on Friday.

As of Thursday evening, Warren County School District had 34 existing positive cases and 197 students denied entry due to close contacts.

While the new case numbers are not especially high compared to the last two weeks of reports, they still add up to more cases than the county saw in June and July combined.

With 397 cases so far this month, there have been an average of 16.5 per day. If that continues, the county will fall just short of 500 new cases for the month. In the county, September is already the month with the third most new cases.

To surpass January (547 new cases) which has the second most new cases (there were over 1,100 in December), there would have to be about 25 new cases per day through Sept. 30.

There have been 3,232 cases of COVID-19 in the county, according to the department, with 2,530 of those confirmed and 702 probables.

The county COVID death toll did not change in the past two days, remaining at 114.

There have been four COVID-positive patients at Warren General Hospital in the past seven days, according to the Friday data. None of them required ventilators nor were in intensive care.

There were about 80 vaccines (38 second doses and 44 first doses) – with a single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine adding to both first and second – administered in the county in the past two days.

The department is reporting 15,021 residents are fully vaccinated and another 2,408 have received at least one dose.

About 38 percent of the county population of 39,191 is fully vaccinated, according to those numbers. Of those 12 and older, the rate is about 44 percent.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which has slightly higher numbers and percentages for vaccines in the county (42.2 percent of all residents, and 48.3 among those 12 and older), 68.4 percent of Warren County residents ages 65 and up have been fully vaccinated and 86 percent have received at least one dose.

According to CDC, every county in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, and Virginia is an area of high community transmission. There are counties in Maryland (2), Connecticut, Vermont, and Michigan with the next step down – substantial transmission, according to CDC. There are only 16 counties in the country (including four in Puerto Rico) in the low transmission category. The nearest is Scotland County, in northeastern Missouri.


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