K-9 units conduct routine search at Warren High

There were three police K-9 units at Warren Area High School on Wednesday.

They were called by Warren County School District to conduct a routine search, according to Warren County School District Superintendent Amy Stewart.

Results of the search were not made public. “We don’t normally share the results of a search, as they are directly related to specific student discipline,” Stewart said.

She did comment on reports that a firearm was found in the school as a result of the search. “That is absolutely not true,” Stewart said.

According to Warren County Detective Tom Kibbey, confirmed that the district requested the search and that K-9 Dina (Warren County detectives) and K-9 Nic (Conewango Township Police) and a unit from Polk Borough responded.

Kibbey said the results of the search were handled by the district.

The policy that enables generalized searches in school is 10620:

“Under certain circumstances, random or general searches of students and their belongs, including student lockers or vehicles parked on school property, may be conducted during the school day or upon entry into school buildings or school activities, in the absence of suspicion focused on a particular student or students, for the purpose of finding or preventing entry onto school property or activities of controlled substances, weapons, or other dangerous materials. Such searches normally will be conducted in a minimally intrusive manner using screening methods such as dogs or other animals trained to detect controlled substances, explosives, or other harmful materials by smell, as well as metal detectors and other technology. When such screening methods provide a reasonable suspicion that particular students, items, or places possess or contain controlled substances, weapons, or other dangerous material, screening may be followed by physical searches of those particular students, items, or places on an individualized basis.”


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