Man to remain in prison

A Youngsville man sent to state prison for driving under the influence will remain there as a result of a conviction for dealing cocaine.

Kellen P. Taydus, SCI Albion, was sentenced on possession with intent to deliver and criminal use of a communications facility charges on Tuesday by Judge Gregory Hammond. He was sentenced back in December on DUI charges; while he was facing a minimum 10-day sentence, Hammond handed down a harsher penalty, citing conduct in the jail.

He specifically cited Taydus’ answers on the tablet education system in the jail, specifically reading several of the answers in court.

His pitch to a potential employer? A rambling explanation about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in one instance.

An answer to a question on three things that would make him happy? Beer, a joint and female companionship.

But his attorney, Elizabeth Feronti, said on Tuesday that Taydus went back into the educational program and changed his answers.

“He didn’t have to go back but felt the need,” she said, explaining he is doing well in a therapeutic treatment community in state prison.

Feronti said the time in prison has “actually done him some good.”

Assistant District Attorney Tatiana Malys said Taydus was charged with dealing cocaine out of his residence in proximity to businesses and an elementary school.

She said Taydus should have known better.

Taydus told Hammond he turned to drugs and alcohol after the death of his grandmother but said he has been using his period of incarceration efficiently, has been clean for 17 months and has been learning new tools to deal with his emotions.

Telling the court he has developed a home plan and has a job lined up, Taydus said he is “so sorry for what I’ve done.”

Hammond without comment sentenced Taydus to 18 months to 30 months incarceration with credit for 347 days time served, $1,225 in fines and fees, $750 in restitution, submission of a DNA sample as well as boot camp and recidivism risk reduction incentive eligibility on a count of possession with intent to deliver. He will also face an additional 12 months to 24 months and a $500 fine on the criminal use of a communications facility charge.


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