Flag Day ceremony held at Warren General Hospital

Topped With Respect

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry Members of the Sheffield VFW and Warren American Legion honor guard raise the American flag Monday during a Flag Day ceremony at Warren General Hospital.

The new flag poles at Warren General Hospital are now topped by an American flag, a Pennsylvania flag, and a City of Warren flag.

At a Flag Day celebration on Monday, members of the Sheffield VFW and Warren American Legion raised the American flag on the tallest of the three poles.

“Flying flags at home or at a hospital is a symbol of respect, pride, and support,” WGH CEO Rick Allen said. “Warren General Hospital is very proud to honor and show our support for the great City of Warren, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the United States of America.”

There were a few history lessons included in the ceremony.

“The American flag was adopted by the Second Continental Congress in 1777 as the official flag of the United States,” Allen said. “The red represents hardiness and valor. White represents purity and innocence. Blue represents vigilance, perseverance, and justice.”

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry Warren General Hospital CEO Rick Allen (left) accepts a Congressional Certificate of Recognition from Congressman Glenn GT Thompson’s District Director Brad Moore on Monday during a Flag Day ceremony.

“The stars represent the states and the bars represent the original colonies,” City of Warren Mayor Maurice Cashman said. “When the first two states were added to the original 13, the number of bars went to 15. That was the last time.”

When another state was added, the number of bars reverted to 13.

He said that there was pressure to change the flag to remove states that seceded during the Civil War, but President Abraham Lincoln refused.

District Director Brad Moore, representing Congressman Glenn GT Thompson, said Pennsylvania was the first state to celebrate Flag Day as a state holiday.

Thompson issued a formal Congressional Certificate of Recognition that was presented by Moore to Allen.

According to that certificate, “By hosting a flag raising ceremony for you new flag posts on this day, Warren General Hospital, the City of Warren, and Warren County are adding to Pennsylvania’s rich tradition of its Flag Day legacy.”

The event commemorated a couple of firsts in addition to celebrating Flag Day.

According to Cashman, the hospital does not have records of flying a flag there and there are no records to indicate that the City of Warren flag had ever before been flown outdoors.

“This will be the first time in anybody’s memory that this flag will be flown outside,” he said.

“We will proudly fly the City of Warren Flag,” Allen said.

“As you drive or walk by these flags, remember they represent our pride, respect, and support,” Allen said.

With the threat of rain in the forecast and in the air officials kept the event moving. Rain began to fall promptly at the close of the ceremony.


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