ATM installed at Warren County Courthouse

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry Pete Rys of Rys Management Group, Inc., programs an ATM installed in Warren County Courthouse on Friday.

There are many services available at the Warren County Courthouse that require payment.

Some are cash-only.

And, according to Warren County Treasurer Denny Munksgard, there are multiple times every day when someone has to leave the courthouse to go get cash.

That won’t have to be the case any more. An ATM was installed in the main hallway through the courthouse on Friday.

“It’s going to be a convenience because people aren’t going to have to go downtown to a bank to get cash and then come back for a second visit,” Munksgard said.

The machine was installed by Pete Rys of Rys Management Group, Inc., of Erie.

He arrived with the equipment shortly after 9 a.m. Friday. The machine was installed, with secure connections provided by the county’s IT contractor, programmed, and ready to go by 10:35 a.m.

The machine is not affiliated with a particular bank and there is a per-use fee of $2.75.

Those dollars do not go to the courthouse. “This is not a money-making proposition for the courthouse,” Munksgard said. “It’s a convenience for the citizens.”

According to Rys, “Some banks and credit unions will reimburse their customers for the fees.”

Munksgard said most offices in the courthouse have services that they charge for. He quickly listed prothonotary, tax claim, register and recorder, treasurer, elections, and court collections among the offices that regularly provide some level of paid service.


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