Career Center student crafts Trestle to Trestle logo

Photo provided to the Times Observer Christian Green was the winner of a competition to craft the Trestle to Trestle Task Force’s logo.

The Trestle to Trestle Task Force has a logo.

And they have a Warren County Career Center student to thank for it.

“The Task Force wanted to open (the) design up to the marketing students because it was one wat they felt (they) could involve the community in this new organization’s mission,” Savannah Casey with the WCCBI said.

The Task Force is an initiative of the Warren County Chamber of Business & Industry aimed at crafting a plan for the development of Warren’s riverfront.

The winner of the friendly competition was Christian Green — the Task Force voted his logo that went through numerous revisions as the overall winner.

Photo provided to the Times Observer The winning logo for the Trestle to Trestle Task Force.

Not only does he get credit for the logo but he was given a $50 gift card to Allegheny Outfitters, as well.

Casey explained that Cathie Cummings, the marketing instructor, is always looking for real-world marketing examples that offer field experience to her students.

The WCCBI and the class have “always had a wonderful relationship” and worked together on many other projects.

“She welcomed constructive criticism of her students’ work and the Task Force, being comprised of varying degrees of influential business/community persons, had abundant knowledge to share with the students,” Casey added. “The back-and-forth dialogue went on for about a month, and the students narrowed down their top designs. Between two students, Christian’s design was chosen for it’s clean, professional, and creative look.”

While the logo will serve the Task Force in the short term, the lessons from the process are intended to benefit the students for far longer.

“Hopefully, these students saw first hand how a typical business’s marketing project would go,” Casey said. “If they so choose to venture out on their own in the marketing world, or decide to work for an existing business, this experience allowed them a brief glimpse as to what being a ‘professional’ looks like.”


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