‘A Rewarding Program’

Youth promoted during Civil Air Patrol Ceremony

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry Civil Air Patrol Cadet SSgt. Jace Messinger is flanked by State Sen. Scott Hutchinson and State Rep. Kathy Rapp for a photo by Kimberly Messinger, following his promotion at a CAP ceremony Wednesday at Faith Fellowship Church.

Several Warren County youth were promoted last week during a ceremony of the Civil Air Patrol, one was even promoted twice.

The Civil Air Patrol Squadron 505 has not been able to meet in person for months due to the pandemic.

The group got together on Thursday.

Cadets have to achieve certain milestones within the organization’s three primary missions — aerospace education, cadet programming, and emergency services — in order to be promoted.

Most of the cadets honored on Thursday had earned their Wright Brothers Certificates, which includes a milestone close-book test and drill, according to Capt. Peg Matson. The Wright Brothers Award coincides with the achievement of the rank of Cadet Staff Sergeant.

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry Civil Air Patrol Cadet TSgt. Matthew Klenck receives a Pennsylvania House of Representatives Citation from State Rep. Kathy Rapp recognizing his accomplishments during a CAP ceremony Wednesday at Faith Fellowship Church.

Among those attaining new ranks were: Cadet Airman Ivy Moore, Cadet SSgt. Jasmine Etter, Cadet SSgt. Caleb Penley, Cadet SSgt. Jace Turner, and Cadet SSgt. Jace Messinger.

Even though the group was able to meet in person, one member had to attend virtually.

Midshipman J.D. Shaw of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., was promoted to Cadet Staff Sergeant.

One cadet was effectively promoted twice on Thursday. Because the group had not met for about a year, Cadet Matthew Klenck was promoted to Staff Sergeant and immediately to Technical Sergeant (TSgt).

As each cadet, with the exception of Shaw, received their ranks, they were recognized with handshakes from CAP and state government leaders: State Sen. Scott Hutchinson, State Rep. Kathy Rapp, Col. Tom Brown and Capt. Matson of Squadron 505, Former Pennsylvania Wing Commander Col. Gary Fleming and Pennsylvania Wing Vice Commander Maj. Steve Aaron.

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry LeRoy and Jennie Mott pin new rank insignia on the collars of Civil Air Patrol Cadet SSgt. Jace Turner during a CAP ceremony Wednesday at Faith Fellowship Church.

In addition to the ranks, cadets were awarded citations from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, presented by Rapp, and the Pennsylvania Senate, presented by Hutchinson.

Brown invited those in attendance to help spread the word about the program and encourage young people ages 12 to 18 to come to a meeting. “We’d love to have them come and join in our program,” he said.

“This program really helps out young cadets in their future endeavors,” Messinger said. “It allows young cadets to be patriotic and proud of their country.”

“I would like to thank the Civil Air Patrol for giving me the opportunity to do something amazing,” Turner said. The program gives cadets “a way to challenge themselves and be better than they think they can be.”

“I’m very proud of all these cadets,” Lt. Jason Messinger said. “My kudos to you. I appreciate all your hard work and dedication.”

“It’s such a rewarding program,” Brown said. “There’s a lot for adults as well.”

Matson was named Deputy Commander of the Year for Group Six and Pennsylvania Wing Administration Officer of the Year, according to Col. Tom Brown. There are eight Civil Air Patrol regions divided into 52 Wings (50 states plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico). There are six Civil Air Patrol groups in Pennsylvania. Squadrons are a subset of the groups.

Squadron 505 Lt. Bryan Johnson was named Deputy Commander of Cadets for Group Six.


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