Corry man sentenced for sex assault



A Corry man who pleaded guilty to repeated sexual assault of an 8-year-old will register as a sexual offender for the rest of his life as a result of a sentence handed down on Friday.

Judge Gregory Hammond sentenced Breydan C. Olander, 19, to a sentence of two to seven years in prison, a sentence that falls beyond the state’s sentencing guidelines, even for a sentence in the aggravated range.

He pled guilty back in October to a count of indecent assault.

His attorney, Chief Public Defender Mike Kitay said his client is here to take responsibility for what ‘s done and “feels terrible about it.”

In December 2018 police received a report that the victim told some friends about Olander making the child do things the child didn’t want to.

During an interview at the Warren County Children’s Advocacy Center the child was hesitant to provide details, according to the police criminal complaint accompanying the charges.

The investigation was closed at the time and the family was advised it could be reopened when the child was ready to talk about the incident, the complaint states.

In October 2019, police were contacted by the center and told the child was talking about details related to the incident. The child reported the details of the assaults at that time.

Kitay said his client lives with his fiancee and his one-year-old child without involvement from Children and Youth Services and said he appears to be a “fantastic father” and is “hoping to continue to be a good father.”

He acknowledged his client may need some time to consider what led to this conduct, calling tis a “very serious charge he’s incredibly apologetic for.”

Kitay added that his client has no prior record. “Not a speeding ticket. Nothing.”

First Assistant District Attorney Tatiana Malys said she wasn’t asking for an aggravated sentence only because he was 16 and 17 when the abuse occurred.

She shared victim impact statements from the victim’s mother that asked Olander receive help and serve the maximum possible sentence.

Olander declined to comment when given the opportunity to do so.

Hammond said he reviewed a letter from the victim and said it is “heartbreaking to me that she’s worried about others and not herself” and “expresses justifiable fear of you.”

He said the repeated assaults included sexual intercourse at least once.

“That’s an eight-year-old,” he said. “A second grader.”

Hammond berated Olander for his attempts to keep the victim silent, noting he told her she would get in trouble if she said anything.

In light of that, he said his attorney’s statement about accepting responsibility doesn’t “carry much water.

“You let her suffer in that home,” he said. “I can’t imagine that suffering for her.”

Hammond said he appreciates his age and lack of a record and said he would “take no joy” in sentencing a 19-year-old.

However, he said he would get the sentence he deserved.

“You need to get at the heart of why you traumatized” the victim, he said, critical of his decision not to speak in court on Friday, saying he “took the easy way out again.”

He then said the sentence he was handing down would fall out of the aggravated range of the state’s sentence guidelines due to the nature of the offending and his attempt to “coerce her into silence.”

He was then sentenced to 24 to 84 months incarceration in state prison, lifetime registration as a sexual offender, three years probation, $1,625 in fines and fees, submission of a DNA sample, sex offender counseling required for parole, to undergo a mental health evaluation and comply with recommendations, a no contact/communication order with the victim or her family and to have no unsupervised contact with minors with the exception of prison visits with his fiancee and child. He is not boot camp or recidivism risk reduction incentive eligible.


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