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10-digit dialing coming to all 814 numbers

Times Observer file photo The current 814 area code — pictured here — is set to see an area code overlay — 582 — effective May 1. Starting April 3, 10-digit dialing will be required to make a call.

The “overlay” of a new area code to the region will require 10-digit dialing effective April 3.

The change hits a large swath of counties in the Commonwealth — all or part of 27 across the central and northwestern parts of the state, Warren included.

According to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, the system has permitted 10-digit dialing for local calls to help with the transition.

“(N)ow is the time to get ready, if you have not done so already,” the PUC said in a statement.

The requirement of 10-digit dialing is “the next major step toward the arrival of a new ‘overlay’ area code — 582 — which will eventually serve side-by-side with the current 814 area code.”

The need for another area code is pretty simple — 814 is running out of numbers. The PUC says that new phone numbers will be assigned to the 582 area code “once the supply of numbers in the current 814 area code is exhausted.”

The PUC previously reported that available 814 numbers will be exhausted in 2022. The 582 area code will be put into service on May 1 but might not immediately go into service. “582” numbers won’t be assigned until the “814” numbers expire. Once that happens, the new area code is expected to provide telephone numbers for the region for 67 years.

You can still call with seven digits today but the PUC indicates that callers will receive a recorded message prompting them to hang up and redial with the 10-digit code — the area code, plus the seven digit number.

Many of us make calls via named contacts our cell phones but those will even be impacted.

The PUC recommends that both consumers and businesses check devices that store telephone numbers to “be certain that all the stored contacts include the area code.”

“It is essential to double-check devices like medical alert systems, alarms, and any other systems that automatically make calls, to be certain they are set up for 10-digit dialing,” the PUC explained.

The overlay was one of two options for the “814” region — the other would have split the geographic area into two regions. The overlay allows those with current “814” numbers to keep that number at the expense of required 10-digit dialing.

The 814 area code was established in 1947 as one of the state’s four original area codes, according to the PUC. It’s the largest in the state geographically and the only one that hasn’t already received an additional area code overlay.


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