Software added to devices to enhance security

The Warren County School District is working to improve the full-virtual experience of its students.

On Tuesday, district officials announced that LanSchool Classic will be added to the software in use as students continue to work from home.

The software will be installed on devices and accounts managed by the district and be in use starting Tuesday, Jan. 19. The software will only be in use for high school students.

“LanSchool helps teachers provide instruction and guidance to students,” Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Eric Mineweaser said.

The functionality includes: pushing websites to all student devices, instant messaging between teachers and students, allowing teachers to view students’ screens, and filtering the websites and apps students may visit during class time.

“Teachers can also use LanSchool for students to ‘vote’ similar to a bell ringer when they enter the classroom,” he said. “The teacher can also share a student’s screen if a student would be presenting a PowerPoint or showcasing something within a lesson.”

The district said the software does not provide any access to cameras in computer equipment. LanSchool will only be used during school hours.

District officials expect to approve a return to in-person instruction starting Tuesday, Jan. 26.

According to Mineweaser, LanSchool will continue to help connect students and teachers once they return to the classroom.

“In the classroom, it will provide the teachers the ability to be sure students are where they need to be while on their student devices,” Mineweaser said. “Additionally, they would be able to monitor students as they test if using their student devices for any type of assessment.”


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