Experience Inc. helping with vaccine sign-up

There are many questions about the COVID vaccine.

For some, the path to finding some answers might include a call to Experience Inc., the Warren/Forest Area Agency on Aging.

“Experience, Inc. is partnering with Gaughn’s Drug store for their initiative to try to get the COVID-19 vaccine for members of our community,” according to a release from Executive Director Danelle Sowers. “The system Gaughn’s has in place to register and pre-screen individuals who want to get on their waiting list is entirely online through Facebook.”

That is a hurdle for some, so Experience is helping out.

“The Area Agency on Aging is helping older adults, age 60 and over, who are not comfortable doing the online application complete the registrations over the phone,” Sowers said. “When and if Gaughn’s receives enough vaccine, we will work with them to help set up a clinic for the older adults we have registered through the AAA.”

“We work with all senior citizens who reside in Warren or Forest Counties,” she said.

“If you would like to receive assistance getting on the Gaughn’s vaccination waiting list from the Area Agency on Aging please call 814-723-3763 and dial extension 175,” she said. “We are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.”

There could be waits.

“We will do our best to keep up with the extremely high call volume, please leave your name and number if you get to an answering service,” Sowers said. “We will return all calls as quickly as we can.”

“We are pleased to be working with Gaughn’s as we attempt to help get older adults vaccinated,” she said. “They are a priority group and the most vulnerable to COVID 19.

“Experience Inc. reached out to us earlier this week and they’re helping us immensely with the pre-registration process for the COVID vaccine,” Gaughn’s Owner and Pharmacist Scott Newton said.


So far, the only publicly available vaccines involve two doses, about three weeks apart.

Personnel at Warren General Hospital have been receiving second doses of the Moderna COVID vaccine this week.

There have been some side-effects, but nothing too serious.

“With regards to the second doses of the Moderna vaccination, there are a few more pronounced side effects than the first round,” Chief Nursing Officer Joe Akif said. “Still the number one complaint is soreness at the injection site. We are hearing from individuals that the next day they are feeling a general malaise. They feel ‘flu-like’ symptoms.”

“It has only been two days,” he said Thursday. “I expect to hear more in the next 24 hours. All of the concerns shared are not atypical of what the CDC and Moderna documented as expected side effects.”

“I believe the ‘flu-like’ symptoms are better that getting the virus,” Akif said.


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