Everyone 65-plus now in vaccine phase 1A

Every Pennsylvanian age 65 and over as well as those 16-and-over with contributing conditions is now in Phase 1A of COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

During a briefing by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, it was announced that the state has aligned its distribution plan with the federal government’s.

That does not mean there are enough doses of vaccine for everyone in Phase 1A. But, it does prioritize older Pennsylvanians and others at higher risk when there are available doses.

An interactive map of vaccination sites can be found at the department’s vaccine dashboard – https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Pages/Vaccine.aspx.

Those patients who are 16, but not yet 18 years old, are only eligible for the Pfizer vaccine. Currently, the Moderna vaccine, with a state minimum age limit of 18, is available locally.


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