RDA to move forward on property

A property that’s been on the Warren County Redevelopment Authority’s radar for a while is finally in its hands.

The authority has been discussing 58 Bush Lane in Tidioute for many months.

The owner of record left the property to a number of children and, while the siblings were willing to sign the property over to the county, it’s taken a while to corral the signatures needed to formally transfer.

Online county assessment records indicate the property was formally transferred to the RDA for $1 on Oct. 13.

County Planner Dan Glotz told the RDA that expenses into the process total approximately $650.

“I think the RDA can advertise for bids on it and move from there,” he said.

Discussion among the Authority indicated that three individuals have already expressed interest in the parcel.

Chairman Charles Barone asked where the funds from such a sale would go and Glotz said the $650 to date has come out of a line item the Commissioners established so the funds would go there.

“It would be money that wouldn’t have strings attached,” he said.

Barone noted that the fund is something the RDA can “build on” and “keep it.”

The authority recognized the need to learn about the value of the property before posting it for bids. Authority member Joe Whipp, a realtor, said he’d review the property.

“$15,000 to $20,000 is not out of the question,” he said. “That’s probably on the conservative side.”

The authority decided to wait for Whipp’s estimate and then conduct a vote via email on a bid price so as to not needlessly delay the sale.


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