School district to practice security procedures

The Warren County School District will be practicing some security procedures over the next two weeks.

“The district will be holding our semi-annual lockdown drills at each of our buildings,” Safety and Security Coordinator Brandon Deppen said.

A lockdown is part of the district’s SRP — standard response protocol.

In a lockdown, students respond to a threat that is inside the building.

Doors are locked. Lights are turned out. Students and teachers remain out of sight.

In a real threat situation, students are encouraged to evacuate if the threat is far and an exit is near. If the threat is near, they are to get into a room, lock — and possibly barricade — the door, get out of sight, and be prepared to defend themselves. Response to a serious threat is known by the acronym ALICE — Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate. Students and staff will practice those procedures during lockdown drills, Deppen said.

Other portions of the SRP include secure (previously known as lockout), evacuate, and shelter. Students and staff will practice each of those responses, Deppen said.

“The drill is a state requirement to practice emergency procedures with our students and staff,” Deppen said. “The district has completed update training with our students prior to participating in the drill.”

“Our law enforcement partners will be on hand the day of the drills to assist with safety and evaluations of the exercise,” he said.

Students are aware of the date, but not the time, lockdown drills will be held at their building.

Drills will be held according to the following schedule:

¯ Monday, Oct. 19 — Youngsville Elementary School and Youngsville Middle High School;

¯ Wednesday, Oct. 21 — Sheffield campus;

¯ Thursday, Oct. 22 — Eisenhower campus;

¯ Monday, Oct. 26 — Warren Area Elementary Center and Warren Area High School;

¯ Tuesday, Oct. 27 — Warren County Career Center;

¯ Wednesday, Oct. 28 — Beaty-Warren Middle School; and

¯ Thursday, Oct. 29 — Central Office.


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