Garland man involved in meth ring

A Garland man implicated in a methamphetamine ring centered at “The Farm” in Grand Valley will remain in federal custody pending trial.

The decision was made by US Magistrate Judge Richard Lanzillo as a result of a bond hearing held on Friday morning in the case against Gale A. Flick, Jr., whose address was listed in as 150 Depot St.

Flick was one of 16 indicted by a federal grand jury that was unsealed last month.

Federal officials allege that Carina Tucker, Titusville, and Gale Flick, Garland, would drive to Akron, Ohio two to three times per week to pick up half a pound of methamphetamine.

Chief County Detective Brian Zeybel said they would return through Erie and drop to Titusville — “they all called Titusville T-Vegas” — and the meth “spiderwebbed” through the area to the end user.

Calculations by the Task Force estimate each half-pound run equating to $2,400 in street value.

The operation centered at “The Farm” located at 530 Hunter School Rd.

A motion for the Friday bond hearing notes that a state detainer for Flick has been lifted.

“Mr. Flick has a residence here in the Western District of Pennsylvania. He has a job,” the motion states. “He has an individual willing to be the designated person who will supervise him. Mr. Flick therefore moves this Court to schedule a bond hearing in this matter.”

The judge viewed the situation differently.

An order of detention pending trial was filed on Friday. It’s a “check the box” form.

“There is a rebuttal presumption that no condition or combination of conditions will reasonably assure the appearance of the defendant,” the form states, citing the possible length of sentence — in this case, life — that Flick faces. “The defendant has not introduced sufficient evidence to rebut the presumption above, and detention is ordered on that basis.”

A series of specific reasons are then checked: “By clear and convincing evidence that no condition or combination of conditions of release will reasonably assure the safety of any other person and the community” including the weight of evidence against the defendant is strong; subject to lengthy period of incarceration if convicted; prior criminal history; participation in criminal activity (while on probation parole or supervised release); history of violence or use of weapons; history of alcohol or substance abuse; lack of stable employment; lack of stable residence and prior violations of probation, parole or supervised release.


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