County alleges fraudulent collection of mail-in ballots

Don’t invalidate your vote by letting someone else take your mail-in ballot to the Warren County Courthouse.

A mail-in ballot that is not mailed in may only be returned by the voter who completed it. No one else may return someone’s ballot — including friends, family, and strangers going door-to-door.

Lisa Rivett, Warren County director of elections, was notified Friday that someone was out collecting ballots.

Rivett in turn reported the alleged incident to the county commissioners and to the district attorney’s office.

“There was a report that a male was going door-to-door offering to collect ballots for delivery,” County Solicitor Nathaniel Schmidt said at Monday’s commissioners work session. “It was under investigation as of Friday.”

The county has issued the following public service announcement: “We have had reports of an individual in the county going door-to-door stating that they are authorized to pick up people’s mail-in ballots. This is a fraudulent act. Do not, under any circumstances give your ballot to anyone other than an election worker in the election office at the Courthouse, or mail it in.

“If this has happened to you, or you are aware of someone engaging in this activity, call 911 immediately and report it to the State Police. Thank you for your cooperation.”


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