Second round of CARES Act requests under review

Times Observer photo by Josh Cotton A second round of CARES Act funding applications from non-profits and small businesses are currently under review with funds set to be awarded next month

The second round of county CARES Act disbursements is set to be awarded in about two weeks.

Over $2.2 million has been set aside from the $3.5 million the county received to be provided directly to non-profit organizations and small businesses.

Round one included nearly $1,000,000 in disbursements a couple weeks ago.

The county has contracted with the Warren County Chamber of Business & Industry and two accounting firms — Haines & Company and Kersey & Associates — to vet the applications and make recommendations to the county commissioners for final approval.

“Seeing the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had locally is devestating,” Jim Decker, president/CEO of the WCCBI, said. “While we are unable to meet the needs and expectations of every applicant to the program, being involved in providing vital assistance to so many businesses throughout Warren County has been exceptionally rewarding.”

Decker said the first round of funding “went exceptionally well.”

The second grant round closed recently with the applications currently being reviewed. Recommendations will be made to the commissioners for action at their Oct. 14 meeting.

“By not having our event, we weren’t able to generate income from admissions, sponsors, vendors, campers, etc. for this cycle,” Dale Bliss, vice-president of the Warren County Fair, said in a statement from the county.

“Despite using every cost-cutting measure possible, the Fair Board still had expenses that were unavoidable and significant. The Warren-SBG program helped the Warren County Fair cover a large portion of those expenses and should allow our organization to function close to normal, moving forward. Thanks to the grant’s effect on our financial outlook, we look forward to 2021 with hope and excitement.”

A third grant window will open Monday, Oct. 19 and end on Friday, Oct. 30.

Commissioner Jeff Eggleston in a statement said that entities who haven’t applied, who have applied and only had part of their grant awarded or who were denied are encouraged to apply in that third window.

“We are looking forward to continuing to help businesses through the upcoming 3rd Round of the program and encourage businesses across the county to reach out to us for assistance in applying to the program,” Decker said.

Entities awarded in the first round of funding include:

¯ Peak Performance — Body & Mind, $21,909

¯ Pine Grove Personal Painting, $5,829

¯ Warren County Fair, Inc., $75,000

¯ Rightway Builders, $8,723

¯ Keil Woodburn Construction, $65,988

¯ My Daddy’s Concession, $3,110

¯ Carnahan Construction Co., $20,361

¯ Hornburg Drilling, $16,746

¯ Sears Luxury Transport, $4,949

¯ Grumpy’s Bar and Counts Tavern, $70,830

¯ Sheffield Township Library, $204

¯ Woodlake Designs, $708

¯ Warren County Historical Society, $5,000

¯ CR Holdings, LLC, $24,081

¯ Forest Chemical, LLC, $15,042

¯ Allegheny Books, $3,409

¯ Johnson Transportation, LLC, $14,266

¯ RalphE’s Pub, $24,915

¯ The Point, $15,787

¯ West Penn Oil, $33,000

¯ Labor of Love Doula Program, $370

¯ Peppermill Restaurant, $46,433

¯ The Bucket, $19,206

¯ Struthers Library Theater, $11,692

¯ Draft House, $11,675

¯ Cornerstone Lounge, $22,126

¯ Paris Timber Harvesting, $32,648

¯ Warren Dental Arts Inc., LLC, $64,156

¯ Chase Car Care, Inc., $18,495

¯ Jacks Tap House, $45,561

¯ Gerald Schoenborn DMD PPC, $16,266

¯ Bull Run Energy, $49,596

¯ Fushicho Trading Co., Inc., $85,455

¯ Brenda Gibson Notary Service, $48,325

¯ Miss Millie’s Proper Petals, $1,955

¯ Wesley Woods, Inc., $25,000

¯ Pascuzzi Accounting & Tax, $18,535

¯ Eisenhower Bandtastic Boosters, $6,521

¯ Warren County Youth Baseball, $20,132

¯ Revitalization of Russell-Akeley, $3,000


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