Indecent exposure lands man in county jail

An Erie man will spend some time in the county jail on indecent exposure and harassment charges.

Judge Gregory Hammond handed down the sentence against Nathanial D. Glenn, 29, on Friday.

Glenn’s attorney, Assistant Public Defender Mike Kitay, said his client is “definitely here to say he is sorry.”

Citing a limited prior record, Kitay said Glenn “was going through a lot, not to excuse (the) behavior.”

“He’s taken measures to try to better himself,” Kitay added, but “understands this kind of behavior is harmful to the victim.”

Assistant District Attorney Tatiana Malys said the “disgusting message” he sent to the victim have left the victim fearful.

Glenn told the court he moved to Warren to get a new start away from where his deceased mother lived but didn’t have support and ultimately returned to Erie.

He said he is “absolutely ashamed of everything that’s going on” and said he moved back to Erie and wouldn’t be a “nuisance” to Warren anymore.

Hammond said he is “trying to get a handle” on how emotional problems from the loss of his mother had anything to do with him sending pictures and videos of him pleasuring himself to the victim after the victim asked him to stop.

“That doesn’t make sense to me,” he said.

Glenn was then sentenced to 30 days to one year incarceration, $1,125 in fines and fees, to undergo drug and alcohol and mental health evaluations, a no contact/trespass order, submission of a DNA sample and work release and early reentry eligibility on a count of indecent exposure and one year probation, a $300 fine and 20 hours of community service on a count of harassment.


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