Dairy Princess heading to state pageant

Photo submitted to Times Observer Warren County Dairy Princess Madison Sleeman presents her skit — Farmer Maddie and the Dairy Magic School Bus.

Warren County Dairy Princess Madison Sleeman is heading to the state pageant on Thursday.

The 2020 State Dairy Pageant will be held Saturday and Sleeman will be vying with 25 other county princesses for the title of Pennsylvania State Dairy Princess.

“This title as Warren County Dairy Princess is not about the crown and the sash and the pretty dresses,” Sleeman said. “It’s about the farmers and the hard work they do to provide for their communities.”

“I am very honored to serve as this years Dairy Princess,” she said.

“We would like to say good luck to our Warren County Dairy Princess as she heads to Altoona,” Natalie Lucks of the Warren County Dairy Promotion Committee said. “We know that you will represent Warren County well.”

“Madison has worked very hard preparing for this weekend,” Lucks said. “She has prepared her Diary Magic School Bus presentation, a speech about how the dairy industry has changed over the past 50 years, a poster display, and a scrapbook, all of which are required from each county princess.”

Sleeman also created some optional materials — a radio spot and a recipe including at least three dairy products.

“She has a true, genuine love and passion for the dairy industry and dairy farmers,” Lucks said. “She has done many promotions already all over Warren County since June.”

Events have been more challenging than normal.

“She has been very creative in her promoting as have many with COVID 19 in our midst,” Lucks said. “If you would like to have Madison come to an event to share her speech or have Farmer Maddie and the Dairy Magic School Bus visit your classroom or center, please reach out to her or the committee (814-462-8320). She would love to come and share her great knowledge of the dairy industry and the importance of getting your three servings of diary every day.”

“I give the skit as Farmer Maddie and we are taking some kids to a great adventure on the Magic School Bus,” Sleeman said. “I tell them about all the great things they will see at the farm of my dear Ma and Pa.”

“I talk about the MOOOOTELL where the cows stay and the fresh feed that is given to them as we would get meals for us,” she said. “I also talk about how our farmers — like Ma and Pa — dedicate their life to providing good healthy quality milk.”

“It’s not just the milk. I also talk about the cheese and yogurt that we all love so much and having three servings of dairy every day helps build strong bones an muscles,” Sleeman said.

The skit is intended for students from pre-school to third grade.

“I have had a blast doing this and going to lots of the day cares in the area,” she said. “Seeing their faces light up has made this even better being Dairy Princess.”


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